About Us

Working towards a positive change in the quality of life for the Afghan community in London

The Association was established in 1995 to assist refugees with their integration into UK society. As a centre point for the community, the Association provides a wide range of support and advice. The Association has assisted thousands of refugees to successfully integrate into the UK society. Key activities and services; Information and Advice, Women and elderly groups, youth and sport.

In February 2015, we have celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the Afghan Association of London. Since its’ inception, the Association has made huge progress. It has played a major part in developing and delivering services to the Afghan community. We have initiated numerous successful projects in response to emerging needs of the community. We have assisted thousands of Afghan refugees in the process of their integration into the UK society through provision of practical help and support, advice and advocacy. As a centre-point for the Afghan community we have assisted a significant number of services providers in planning, delivering and evaluation of the services and projects to the Afghan community. Due to our knowledge and understanding of the Afghan culture, languages, history and socio-economic context, we have been approached by external agencies, including Local Authorities, NHS, Metropolitan Police, and other organisations seeking advice on cultural sensitivities when designing services to the community.

We have been part of the Independent Advisory, Group (IAG) Metropolitan Police, Refugee Council’s Board of Trustees, Evelyn Oldfield Unit, Refugee Fora, REAP, Renewal and other partnerships, bringing our knowledge of the refugee issues on board.  We have successfully established a women project, organised, supplementary school, extra-curricular and sporting activities for young people, summer holiday scheme for children, elderly group meetings, seminars and cultural events, health initiative (immunisation project) to name a few.
The Association became a charity immediately after its inception. It has all essential policies and procedures in place. The current members of the Board of Trustees and staff are highly skilled and experienced professionals bringing a wide range of expertise including management, finance, organisational and service development skills.