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Afghan Association of London – Harrow Immigration advice and referral

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Immigration advice

The Afghan Association of London (Harrow) is authorised by the UK OISC to provide ‘Level-1 Asylum and Protection Immigration’ advice.

Level 1 advisers are permitted to make applications that rely on the straightforward presentation of facts to meet a set of qualifying criteria. Such applications will not be discretionary or concessionary in nature and applicants will not have an immigration history which is likely to adversely affect the application in question.


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More information on the type of immigration support available under this level of authorisation is available at the official UK government website found here:

If you are unsure or need further information please contact us by phone or email

The Immigration and Asylum advisor provides confidential and independent legal immigration and asylum advice to those who seek legal advice.

We offer:

family reunion

Family reunion applications

Entry UK

Entry clearance/ leave to remain applications for students, spouses, fiancé(e)s, visitors, dependent relatives and many others

european flag

European Economic Area (EEA) applications

domestic violence

Applications under the domestic violence provisions

Travel document

Travel document applications and change of name deeds

british nationality

British nationality applications for adults and children

family reunion

Private life applications

BRP card

Replacement Biometric Residence Permit

UK business visa

Sponsorship license applications and business immigration