Youth and Sport Activities

Projects in this area are funded by:

The Afghan Association of London (Harrow) holds regular sports activities for anyone of any age. Thanks to a generous funding and support from John Lyon we are able to continue these vitally important activities.


Chess Club takes place every Monday, apart from Bank Holidays and other Public Holidays at the Afghan Association’s office premises.

The game of chess holds a unique fascination.  The strategic complexities offer lively minds an immediate challenge and stimulating exercise.  It can be played for fun, or with increasing degrees of seriousness up to the highest levels of international competition. We would like to encourage more participants to join our newly established Chess Club.  It is a game with no barriers.  People of any age, sex, physical ability, can all play on equal terms.  Chess is truly a ‘Sport for All’.

Chess has many benefits for individuals, giving them intellectual capital and transferable skills, such as focus, discipline, concentration, spatial awareness and strategic thinking.  Chess is a sociable activity that helps to bring people together and break down barriers.


Our football team meets every Wednesday in Stonebridge Park, Wembley for training in addition to Saturday League Matches.

We also hold regular tournaments and give out awards and seasonal sporting cups.

TaeKwon Do

The Afghan Association of London (Harrow) has a long history in running a successful martial arts club. Children and adults are both encouraged to join, learn and benefit in numerous ways.

Leaflet for Tae Kwon Do class


Our Volleyball team is the Afghan Volleyball Club (AVC) and are a member of Volleyball England Association. They play in local leagues.

To enquire and join any of our sports clubs, please contact our office by phone or email.