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The project aimed at the empowerment of Afghan women and their social inclusion into UK society. The project will promote equality and social inclusion of Afghan women. The project will provide a platform for Afghan women to raise their profile and to highlight their issues and concerns and to provide opportunities for women to actively participate in social, political, economic and cultural activities.

The Women group leader will recruit volunteers to help with facilitating meetings, social events and specific activities in addition to provision of general advice, information and practical help and support to vulnerable Afghan women during the lifespan of the project, aimed at empowering women to overcome barriers and to lead an independent and fulfilling life.

The project will encourage women to participate in English classes, training sessions, volunteering and work-placement opportunities. The project will enable women to join a wide range of activities and social groups, including; music, netting, baking, fitness, cooking, painting and sport. In order to encourage a shared sense of belonging and to facilitate integration.

They will facilitate events aimed at promoting fundamental British values of individual liberty, women’s rights and equality. The women group leaders will work with women organisations on different issues including domestic violence, share good practice on how to deal with these issues. They will establish referral mechanisms and pathways for Afghan women to seek professional advice and support, in a culturally appropriate fashion.

For more information please contact our women group leaders

Anahita Fazlianahita.fazli@afghanassociationlondon.org.uk
Maliha Kabirmaliha.kabir@afghanassociationlondon.org.uk
Tailoring for women
ESOL English

Our tailoring class this week

Date: 12/02/2024

Workshop with Dr Jennifer Langer

Founding Director Exiled Writers Ink. It was a great workshop for refugee women to be creative and write their own poems. some of the poems written by women as follows:

Identity Objects and Memory by the Afghan Women’s Group, 27.7.2023

Poem by R K

My father makes my day bright
My brother’s presence is a delight
The daisies dancing on the glittering grass
Bring a smile of warmth to my face
Animals on my father’s farm far away
Take me back many years
To where my father’s stories began
On his beloved land of Afghanistan

Poem by ZS

To where my father’s stories began
On his beloved land
I miss you Baba jan
I gaze at the blue sapphire shining on my hand
And it reminds me of our time together
The velvet pink roses of my childhood
In my grandmother’s kalah
She was powerful and strong.
The lotus flower is the smell of the heavens
For the start of the day
It is light, innocent, clean and creamy.
I need to say the Jewish plaited bread was tasty
I am a Muslim
And I respect all religions.

Blue Sapphire by AF

The blue sapphire you gave me
So dark, it holds many secrets in its depths
I remember you holding my hand
I felt the blue sapphire under my finger
And one day you gave it to me
Now you are gone
I was far away
I cannot explain the security the ring gives me
It reminds me of you
It reminds me of our times together
I miss you Baba jan
I gaze at the blue sapphire shining on my hand.

Poem by MK

Oh those roses of my childhood in the large qalah
Pink as a baby’s cheeks
The petals soft as velvet
And the fragrance
Reminds me of the early morning
When the sun rises.
My grandmother grew them with love
With love I feel her soul
She was a powerful, strong women
Still, she protects us
Still, she gives us strength when times are hard.
The blushing roses in my dear friend’s garden
Her strong personality, her appearance
Take me back to my grandmother’s time

Appreciation from Together With Afghans (05/08/2022)
“Thank you very much for putting me in touch with Maliha Kabir of your women’s group, without whom everything would have been much much harder and it would have been virtually impossible to reach out to the women. Maliha has been an invaluable to our team, helping us communicate with the Afghan refugees living in Camden hotels and supporting us generally with organising the upcoming social event, advising us on Afghan taste and culture, the appropriate food to serve  and negotiating with Afghan businesses in Harrow.”

Together With Afghans is a collective of volunteers, members and supporters of the Labour Party in Camden who are keen to offer support to the refugees  – help with English conversation and advice on settling in the UK . We have raised the money through donations of local people who want to support the refugees.
Alison Rooper
Together With Afghans