Art project

Date: June 24th, 1pm (ticketed, free)

London, 24th June – “Afghani War Rugs Reimagined,” a thought-provoking visual art exhibition by artist Ghafar Tajmohammad will run at the Yorkton Workshop in Hackney from June 19th until June 25th, commissioned by Counterpoints Arts, supported by Arts Council England and partnered with Afghan Association London Harrow.

The exhibition invites visitors to explore Ghafar Tajmohammad’s personal reinterpretations of Afghan War Rugs. Through a unique blend of art and oral history the exhibition showcases expanded paintings, handwoven rugs, and engaging audio and text narratives that go beyond the pictorial symbols of conflict and violence, to examine instead the lived migration elements of the Afghan diaspora in the UK.

Delve into the rich tapestry of Afghan culture and gain insight into the experiences of the multigenerational Afghan diaspora living in the UK. This exhibition serves as a response to the recent events surrounding the Fall of Kabul in August 2021, aiming to preserve memories and encourage dialogue between cultures.

Ghafar Tajmohammad is a visual artist who works primarily in painting, but extends beyond the conventional painting display and into the realm of expanded painting. Where the artwork discards the conventional wooden stretcher bars in favor of existing as expanded paintings. This approach allows the artist to stress the inherent textile materiality of raw canvas and connect with the rich culture of textiles and carpet weaving. Where recognisable motifs, imagery, and geometry fuse to form narratives suggestive of dual identities. Conceptually, the artist practice reflects upon the idea of home for migrant communities. It expresses the abstract search for belonging and the lived experiences of those made to relocate. As a British Afghan who was displaced as a child, Ghafar’s work is community-oriented focus and in his first solo exhibition chooses to advocate for the Afghan diaspora voices so often unheard.