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Thanks to a grant from Harrow Giving Coronavirus Emergency Response Fund and the Community Fund, the Afghan Association of London (Harrow) has established a very successful project in Harrow to provide a comprehensive advice, information and befriending service to the Afghan community on a wide range of issues in response to the epidemic crisis. The main purpose of the project is to ensure the Afghan community is well informed and kept up to date with key government guidance and health professional advice on how to keep safe during this unprecedented period. 

Our staff and volunteers have been a lifeline and a best support mechanism for vulnerable community members during the lockdown regime. We have been providing services for more than 2000 members of the community. The feedback from the community has been extremely positive. They appreciate the fact that a project has been established specifically to provide advice, information, practical assistance and in particular emotional support to the community. We have established excellent working relations and partnership with key service providers offering help and support to the community during this unprecedented crisis for referral and signposting purposes.     

It is important to highlight the disproportionate impact of Coronavirus on the community in particular the elderly. We are living in precarious times and with the anxiety of the unknown, our health, economic, and social well-being are all at risk. We have passed on to the community vitally important information on a regular basis in order to make sure they adhere to Government guidance on how to stay safe and to prevent the spread of the virus to others. Our community is genuinely worried about the spread of the Coronavirus. As a result of the isolation, their mental wellbeing is deteriorating. The project workers are doing a great job to support the community in a very difficult time by talking to some of the most isolated members of the community on a regular basis to ensure they are coping well with the new challenges. They are translating the latest information about the Coronavirus for community members to ensure they understand and adhere to the ever-changing lockdown requirements.  

We have shared the Government’s translated guidance for self-isolation and social distancing with the community. We hope to be in a position to secure funding for continuation of this vitally important project.

If you wish to know more about the project please contact us.   

HarrowCouncil thank you letter because of our Covid - 19 pandemic help for the community

We are delighted to hear that our services helped people in the community during Covid — 19 pandemic. Of course we couldn’t do it without your help and we are very thankful that together we assisted those who needed help the most. We look forward to continue working with you in the future.

Covid-19 Update:
The government has removed remaining domestic restrictions in England. There are still steps you can take to reduce the risk of catching and spreading COVID-19: